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On the Austrians and the New Keynesians!

Austrian Perspective on the Current Recession:

At a symposium on the crisis at a New England public university, a macroeconomist argued that the current crisis is precipitated by the Fed’s policy of making housing affordable to the common man. A public economist argued that this argument is completely wrong. The housing bubble was created because a large number of people wanted to live beyond their means. Whom do you think the Austrians will side with? Click here to find out!

2008 Arrow Prize in Macroeconomics:

A while back Bills and Klenow analyzed some price data for the US and arrived at the conclusion that prices on an average changed every five months implying that the prices were not as rigid after all as the Keynesians would like them to be. But is this average frequency of change in prices a good indicator of price rigidity and does it discredit the Keynesian perspective on the effects of monetary policy? Click here to find out!

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