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Modeling the economist modeling the economy!

Saint-Paul Gilles of Toulouse School in Paris is one of those economists whom, you cannot afford not to read. If he writes it, you read it period. He has come up with a very interesting paper on the political economy of macroeconomic thinking- again a must read! you can find it here.

A few months back, I came across an interesting presentation by him titled “Endogenous Indoctrination“. He uses interesting techniques to see how indoctrination can evolve in a society and influence voter attitudes where teachers have a certain attitude towards the market system.


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Perils of using PennWorld Data

Seems like results from a lot of published papers will have to be revisited:

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Basmati Exports and RiceTech’s patents

Stressing the need to acknowledge the proprietary rights over traditional knowledge and practices:


The controversy over the granting of patenting rights to three new strains of Basmati rice by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is used as a case study to analyze the impact of incomplete protection of intellectual property. Results suggest that the introduction of a competing product that may infringe on India’s geographical indicator has lowered the product differentiation of Indian Basmati rice in key export markets.

Mulik, Kranti and Crespi, John M. (2011) “Geographical Indications and The Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights Agreement (TRIPS): A Case Study of Basmati Rice Exports,” Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization: Vol. 9: Iss. 1, Article 4.
DOI: 10.2202/1542-0485.1336
Available at:

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